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Stephen Leisk BSc.

Manager of DoLittle Farm

Steve is the manager of DoLittle Farm. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Biology) and has over 14 years experience in the pet industry. He is considered an industry expert by the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA), as well as by various government and media agencies including the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (DEC)

Steve is a hands-on manager, overseeing and actually doing most of the animal husbandry and care at DoLittle Farm. He is also the main teacher for DoLittle Farm Reptile and Frog Keeper Courses conducted in reputable pet shops throughout NSW.

Steve has spoken at numerous local and national conferences relating to 'reptile and animal care' and the 'DoLittle Farm phenomenon'. He is also highly sought after as a guest lecturer in schools and other educational centres.


Supervisor of the DoLittle Farm Rodent Colonies

Barry is the supervisor of the DoLittle Farm rodent colonies. Overseeing some 15,000 rodents and their breeding programs makes for busy times for him. When he isn't attending to food and water supply, monitoring mums and babies, or checking matings and pregnancies, you’ll find him harvesting and packing rats and mice ready for shipping to a DoLittle Farm stockist.

Meticulous and thorough in his jobs, Barry is an important member of the DoLittle Farm team.


Joe, Luke, Michael, Tom, Toby and Sara

Animal Husbandry Team

Assistance with animal husbandry is what these guys are all about. Whether it be maintaining the rodent colonies, cleaning, feeding or watering baby reptiles, assisting with and caring for breeding stock, or even keeping the floors clean, these guys are vital to the day to day running of DoLittle Farm.

All of the animal husbandry team are part of the local community, and have great pride in being part of DoLittle Farm.
Superior in every way...that's the Dolittle Difference!